Specializing in Western Lifestyle Photography for rural families.
When you seek to document your family life in agriculture, see the value of quality imagery for marketing your rural business, and understand that these portraits are a keepsake of the life you hold dear—
I am here to capture your family legacy.

Portraits of Proud Dedication 

Montana BRAND & Family

The days are long, but the years are short with a beautiful sunrise and even better sunset. 

I believe your life is epic and filled with raw beauty and deserves to be captured not only for future generations but also to support your business and marketing.

Western Lifestyle Photographer for creative rural folks with a brand and a business.

I'm Kate,

A deep-rooted connection to agriculture with an understanding of YOU AND YOUR mission 

Over 900 shoots with very happy clients

10 years of experience creating art through photography


Together, we set the frame for you to show up as the main character in your story. You work, play, and love with your family, while I capture the details. You let your clients really get to know you, by giving them an inside look to the real, rural world that you live in.

The iPhone photos that you have of your family, and for your brand, are largely uninspiring and have an overall generic feel to them.

You aren't even in most of the photos. Years down the road, when your children pull out these albums, you want them to remember these times with you. 

And, you want to remember this time with you—a striking photo of yourself that truly documents who you are at this exact moment.

The Solution

The Problem

HEre's how I can help:

My Mission:

To preserve the culture of the American West through my camera by making the people, animals, and land an icon for future generations to remember and revere.

Even though this life is fleeting and full of sacrifice, it can be remembered for the beauty that it is. I want people to remember the strength in adversity, the land, the animals and the people who care for it. I want it all to live on long after these hours, weeks, months, and years have left us, long after the bodies have left us, and the traditions have left us. I want these images to be within reach for as long as these prints hang on the wall and the people are willing to see them. I hope people can feel the beauty and revere the culture and traditions of life in the rural world. 

What's the best way to approach this?

83% of shoppers prefer to buy from brands they trust. Canned marketing photos scream generic. If you don't have a headline and an image to grab their attention, they will most likely scroll on by.

You will feel connected and comfortable, because you are with each other—
focused on the moment, and that thing you love to do.
You will feel free to be authentically you.

I’m here to give you the most exquisite photos of you and your family just as you are.

You can trust your photos will refLect your experience.


We come up with a relaxed plan for the day with a few activities that everyone enjoys doing together. No one has to wear horribly uncomfortable clothing or hold ridiculous poses.

It may seem overwhelming to consider having the camera in front of your face for an entire day. You’re worried it could get awkward or uncomfortable.

An Entire Day of Photos?!

A new concept:
 the best way to create these dynamic and iconic images:

radiate togetherness, rather than cheesiness and discomfort

capture a legacy for your family to cherish

set your business apart in the market

best represent your day-to-day life

YOU CAN EXPECT Authentic photos that:

Epic Stories

 I recently had the pleasure of working with Kate Loose from Seven Diamond Photography, and I must say, her work is nothing short of phenomenal. As someone deeply connected to the ranch lifestyle, finding a photographer who could capture the essence and heart of our ranch family was paramount. Kate exceeded all expectations.

Her talent for seizing the true emotion and the raw beauty of ranch life is unparalleled. Each photograph tells a story, filled with the depth and authenticity of the moments we cherish. It's evident that Kate has a profound understanding of the ranch lifestyle, which shines through in her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to capture the spirit of the land and the people who call it home.

For anyone looking to immortalize the beauty and essence of their ranch life, I cannot recommend Kate Loose and Seven Diamond Photography enough. Her work is a masterpiece, capturing the timeless spirit of the ranch lifestyle in every shot. Thank you, Kate, for giving us something so beautiful that we will cherish forever."

"What sets Kate apart is not just her exceptional photographic skills but her ability to make everyone feel at ease, capturing natural and candid moments that truly reflect the heart and soul of ranch living. Her work is a testament to the love and bond of ranch families, immortalizing memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

Caitlin Anderson | UC Real Estate

Their Take

Great photos tell a story. Without those stories, we are lost in a sea of endless noise. They help us remember where we came from and who we strive to be.


The Stories:


Ready for an up-close and personal view into a rural Montana Photographer's life? Follow along to read about love stories in the "Rural World" with the incredible people I have worked with.