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My project, Real Ranchers, Real Life, seeks to capture images of how Central Montana ranchers continue to persevere through these challenging times. My love for the people and their culture drives me to speak up for them and advocate for this important industry. I’ve been called to take a stance.

The people, landscapes, and animals I have the opportunity to photograph reveal portraits of beauty, grace, and dedication. While going through the images captured, over and over I see images of proud, compassionate, tenacious people who, despite the hardships, challenges, and undue criticisms, find a place to bring gratitude and joy while continuing to contribute to the world’s food supply. If you look at the faces of these people you will see smiles that portray integrity and a welcoming feeling. 

Agricultural people, by and large, live by the needs of their stock and crops. There isn’t a lot of extra time. What time that is left is for their children and community. It’s possible to be misled by ranchers’ often stoic characteristics and overlook their simple joy in the husbandry of their animals and the land that they inhabit. On the whole, they are an isolated people with a trusting generous spirit; agricultural producers are proud and generous people. Ranchers are often a modest bunch and not ones to self-promote. They often endure undue criticism from an outside world that does not understand cattle ranching. They do so all the while providing for families, contributing to a community, and relying on Mother Nature and what is provided by the land itself.  

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