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There are so many incredible locations for your engagement shoot in the heart of Montana that very few people come across. I cover thousands of miles in a season. This gives me a great advantage in finding a more exclusive location! I am excited to share with you a few of my favorites that just might take your breath away!

I always recommend choosing a location that retains sentimental value! Something that represents your story. You can choose a specific location that you have special memories from such as where you first met, where you went on your first date, or somewhere that you frequent often! 

While I love specific places for a shoot, it’s not always possible to get there. If that’s the case I recommend choosing an area that may have all the same features such as mountains, water, trees, and buildings. And it doesn’t have to be anything specific. It may just have an overall feel that you love!

With that being said, here are just a few of my top locations for engagement pictures in Montana. They are quiet, offer plenty of privacy, which is very nice when you have several changes of clothes, are rich in Montana history, and are naturally stunning!

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Ringling (population 36), White Sulfur Springs (population 955), and Wilsall (population 203) are three small towns just northeast of the Bozeman area. From these three towns, you have a generous view of the Castle Mountains and the Crazy Mountains that dot the landscape. The Crazy Mountains, known for their dramatic, snow-covered peaks are some of the most beautiful around!


Lewistown is called the heart of Montana because it is literally at the center of the State. Surrounding it are what they call the island Mountain Ranges including the Snowys and Moccasins. However, The Judiths have their own charm. The highest peak called Judith peak reached 6400 feet and makes for an exciting hike to the top! Most of the land in the Judiths is privately owned but I have found a few spots that are accessible to the public. 

The Judith Mountains are rich in gold mining history. It’s fun to visit the ghost towns of Maiden and Gilt Edge. “There’s a natural loop route through the Judith Mountains that visit these ghost towns and Judith Peak. The route can easily be extended to include a visit to Kendall Ghost Town in the nearby North Moccasin Mountains.” (Quote from This can be a great experience to include in your engagement shoot location!


Easily one of my favorite locations, the Belt Mountains have so much to offer. I am local to this area and I have hiked and camped in this area for years. It’s not just my sentimental connection to it, but also the beauty and diversity that it offers that make it my favorite place on earth! Although remote, The Belts offer pine trees, rivers, foliage, and mountain views with very limited people which makes it the perfect location for your engagement photos! With entrances from four sides, The Belts have easy access and so much diversity. It is one of the few mountain ranges that you can drive all the way across in the summertime! If you choose these mountains, you could plan for a picnic and a very scenic drive ending in one of several small towns for dinner! You will be passing through Charlie Russel Country where you could stop at the Oxen Yoke for a drink and a beer in Utica. And what could be more fitting than the possibility of stumbling across a Yogo Sapphire as you hike around the territory? They are famous for their cornflower blue color and are sought after by many high-end jewelry stores such as Tiffany’s in NYC. The Yogo mine is just 12 miles from the Oxen Yoke!


These Mountains are named for their long-lasting snow well into the summer season. There are so many hidden treasures here. I would definitely recommend this range for the fall because of its abundance of quaking aspens which are truly one of the most stunning Montana trees in the fall. You also have the Big Ice Caves, Crystal Lake, and the snow bowl-up swimming woman that never disappoints! At the very opposite end, you have Alaska Ridge and Big Spring Creek, one of the largest springs in the world, which stays above freezing year-round. 


Although not in Montana, The Badlands National Park is a hidden jewel of the western side of the country. Although it’s in South Dakota, I can’t write this post without mentioning it. It is by far one of my favorite locations. Being around the great sand pillars gives me a sense of peace that I can’t describe. The smaller size of the park and its remote location give it a more quaint feel.  Often the traffic is limited to just a few sightseers and landscape photographers at sunset and sunrise. The park is easy to navigate and there are stunning locations around every corner. To learn more about having a shoot here, visit my Badlands National Park Photography guide.

With all these options, there’s no reason to ever feel like you have to sacrifice privacy for a top location in Montana for your engagement photos. As a Montana Wedding Photographer, I love traveling the state and discovering new locations for a shoot. But I can’t beat the ones that I know so much about. Knowing a location inside and out, being an expert on the best time of day and what it has to offer can insure that you have a seamless shoot, enjoying what the area has to offer!

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