Marketing the Best of Your  Ranch: The Value of Summer Cattle Photos

Cow on grass in Montana

In today’s marketing world, as a registered producer, you are always looking for new ways to stand out and showcase your cattle and operation to find the right buyers. There are many ways to do this but having high-quality photos to draw from is often the best place to start.

Marketing is something that MUST be done year-round rather than only a few months before a sale time. But Ranching is busy and marketing is often the last thing on your mind. We have to consider when the best time is for the cattle though and hands down that is during the summer months when they are slicked off and fat on grass.

Pictures during the summer months allow you to elevate your marketing game by showing off the best part of the year for your animals. Professional imagery is key in promoting your cattle and enhancing your sales catalog.

Along with photographing your cattle, I offer photography coaching so I can grab photos while helping you learn with hands-on training as we go. Because you can’t always have a professional photographer by your side, not saying I wouldn’t love it, I want to help you learn how to use your camera and take great photos to fill in the rest of the year.

To add a personal touch to your catalog or marketing, we can schedule some family photos as well.

It’s my goal to showcase your ranch’s commitment to quality by collaborating to create some great content as well as empower you with a camera to create your own. These photos not only enhance the visual appeal of the sales catalog but also serve as powerful marketing tools for promoting your ranch’s cattle herd.

Photos taken on the Hinman Ranch in Malta MT

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